Imagine being a child living in a village so remote you cannot receive medical care or even communicate with the outside world. Imagine many in your village are already blind and totally dependent upon children to lead them around every day, and many others in your family and village endure constant misery and agony of being infected with worms, of being disfigured, becoming visually impaired and eventually becoming blind.

Now imagine that, because of your help, this entire village is saved from this ravaging disease for one year.

You can do this right now. For every $250 donated, just $.50 per person, a village of 500 people will be spared this debilitating disease for a year. And you or your group will be the named sponsor of the village. You will receive a certificate with the village name.

You matter more than you know.

Make a Difference. Adopt-A-Village. Save a Village.

Please make checks out to UFAR with it earmarked Adopt-A-Village. Or go to our donation page: Adopt-A-Village