The Fourth Annual African Soirée

The fourth annual UFAR African Soirée on March 9 was a great success, taking in more than $10,000 for the work of eliminating the “curse” of riverblindness in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Held in the lovely Main Lounge of Mackay Campus Center at Princeton Theological Seminary, the Soirée evening was filled with bright colors, lively entertainment, exotic food, and much enjoyment.

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The decorations of African villages and charming little dolls created by Susan Lidstone and Friends of UFAR invited everyone to reach across the miles to sisters-and-brothers in Congo.  The Egun Omode dancers from the Garvey School presented a very engaging program of call-and-response and drumming, including a 4-year old darling keeping step perfectly with her older sisters in their energetic dance.

The Congolese women’s non-profit FEBA (Woman, Cradle of Abundance) provided an African Market and show as youth from Princeton United Methodist Church, Witherspoon Presbyterian Church, and Princeton Seminary modeled brilliantly colored shirts and dresses, serving guests with hors d’oeuvres. 

Former Princeton Township mayor Michelle Tuck-Ponder (assisted by her appealing 4-year old son) displayed her talents as the auctioneer and evoked lively bidding on a variety of lovely articles, including two spectacular quilts, two art works, and a specially designed Miss Simoni scarf.  

Special awards were presented to James Floyd (well-known to all in Princeton for leadership in many projects, besides being mayor) and Nancy Beatty, the best sales person the Adopt-a-Village program has ever had!  Both honorees have supported UFAR’s Adopt-a-Village program and brought others into the story.  Mr. Floyd also enjoyed sharing with everyone present his 91st birthday celebration: some party! 

Dr. Daniel Shungu, the founder and soul of UFAR, gave a fine short-story of all that has been happening in UFAR for the past year, inviting everyone present to see the fruits of the work they have been generously supporting.

The African Soirée committee and all the UFAR board join in expressing our great appreciation for those who contributed so generously to the success of the evening. ARAMARK, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton United Methodist Church, Friends of UFAR, FEBA, Inc., Witherspoon St. Presbyterian Church, The Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule, Trenton, NJ.