Fourth Report on Summer 2010 Trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Last Few Days in Lubumbashi

Park Hotel Lubumbashi

Our remaining few days in Lubumbashi before the confirmed August 2, 2010 return trip to the US were largely uneventful. We spent some time shopping for souvenirs, learning to bargain while buying beautiful local fabrics at the huge open air central market in downtown Lubumbashi full with everything imaginable, having custom-tailored women's outfits and men's shirts sewn in the local style (Pictures 1-4), and dining out at a several local restaurants (Pictures 5 & 6).

Dr. Alice Muteba, the project coordinator for CDTI Katanga-sud who earlier in our journey offered us the wonderful opportunity to visit and distribute Mectizan in one of her villages, very kindly provided their vehicle to take us to the airport (Pictures 7). Only nine out of our mission team of ten members were scheduled to travel on August 2. As UFAR's executive director, I had other duties to fulfill in DRC before my August 26 return date to the US. Due to some yet unexplained error, the team missed the scheduled connection from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to the US. Consequently, they were diverted to Tel Aviv, Israel and arrived back in the US a day later than planned. I left Lubumbashi for Kinshasa two days after their departure (see Map 1 in 3rd report).

To Be Continued